This exclusive Natomas boot camp is ONLY meant for those who want to shape up, rip up, stay that way RIGHT NOW, and become a WEEKLY WARRIOR!

“Who Else is Ready To…Lose Inches off Your Waist, Arms, Thighs, and Butt; Fit into Jeans You Haven’t Worn Since High School; and Still Have Time To Run All The Errands without Worrying What You’re Going to Put in Your Mouth!

Unlike other bootcamps that simply throw random exercises at you hoping you’ll get results; Use the system that Moms, Dads, Health Experts, Business Executives, and Fitness Enthusiasts use to melt their fat in half, and get Results 50% faster than even Personal Training can!

Class Location?

3795 Saintsbury Dr. Sacramento, CA 95834 (This is the nearest address)

When Do You Have Class?

Morning Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:45am

Night Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30pm

Do You Have Problems With?

  • Going to the gym for more than 2 months and still looking at yourself wondering why you’re still fat and have your gut hanging out, or more like hanging on?
  • Fad Diets that cause you to balloon up in weight once you’re done?
  • Having your “skinny” jeans hanging in the closet collecting dust?
  • Following the latest and greatest training program in Shape Magazine only to find that even though your Wallet is slimming down, your Waist is Bulking Up.

Letter for You

From: Darryl Lardizabal


>Dear Future Fat-Burning Machine,

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, we have a problem. And although it may seem like I’m trying to hit you where it hurts, I actually do feel for you.

My name is Darryl Lardizabal and knew several people in my life, including my friends and family, who would always compain about putting on the weight like you could just throw food on them and magically they grow, grow, grow like there’s no tomorrow.

Then it happened.

They finally realized what they REALLY looked like in the mirror and became horrified. They said to me, “I always acted like they’re always tomorrow, and didn’t realize that day by day I added 1 lb here, another 2 lbs there, until I finally looked like…”

You get the picture.

At first, they thought they should give up, but then I told them I have the answer.

You see, Working at a Globo gym in my past life showed me three things.

  • There’s people that try hard and fail harder
  • There’s people that don’t try at all, and fail completely
  • And there’s people that spend years figuring out what to do and eventually succeed in the process

Before you continue reading, pick which one you really are and be honest with yourself. I don’t care what you are, but if you aren’t honest with yourself, even I can’t help you. There’s no hiding, there’s no snake oil; just drive and passion to get GUARANTEED RESULTS.

So Which One Are You?

If you’re a ONE, why try harder than you have to?

Is it because everyone around you thinks, “No Pain, No Gain?”

Have you ever asked yourself what that really means?

Sure, I’m not saying this program is easy, but why exhaust yourself trying to lose the inches on your waist like you’ve always wanted to. Why try harder, when you can TRAIN SMARTER and GET 2x THE RESULTS and shred your midsection, arms, buns, and thighs.

What if I even told you training in pain and exhaustion actually made you store more fat, than melt it and had the facts to prove it if you ever asked?

And for those that want the Pain and only want HALF the RESULTS. Stop reading now…this isn’t for you….

If you’re a TWO, no need to continue reading. This program isn’t for everyone, and I don’t need people anyone putting the group down, just because you have no will to succeed.

If you’re a THREE, you’re on the right track, but think about it, even Tiger Woods (one of the greatest golf players alive) has a coach for Golf and a Personal Trainer for Fitness.

Why don’t you?

Is it because you think they’re expensive? (How much do you value staying home with the kids, keeping up with all they’re running around, and still having time to do everything else you’ve always wanted without worrying how you look?)

Is it because you think you can do it yourself? (Why do it yourself, when I can give you the step-by-step formula on how to lose weight faster and look sexier than you ever have before?)

One thing I’ve learned is that Yes, you can always pick up a book, learn it, make mistakes, and work on something for hours until you get it or Simply goto the nearest expert and SHORTCUT the entire process just like TIGER did (he’s had coaches for awhile).

Sure it costs some money, but what’s worse? Spending more time exercising for 2 hours a day and then having to plan out all your meals before hand?


Spending more time looking sexy?

What will you choose?

Do you want to be one of the next people with the Fat to Fit Results? It worked a miracle for me and everyone else…

One thing I will have to admit is that there’s no magic in the program or mystic voodoo even though once you try it, you’ll wonder what really happened to you…I’ve had people come to me within a month and say, “People don’t recognize me. They ask what diet I’m on or What I’m really doing and the only thing I can say to them is Just ask Darryl!”

Finally Thanks to Beauty Body Bootcamp Bootcamps…You No Longer Have to Deal With Any of That Ever Again!

  • No more diets, just a few “easy to follow” nutritional guidelines, that no only burn calories, but keep them off for GOOD
  • Our new High Concept, Lo-Tech Revolutionary Bootcamp will cut out your stress hormones, so you’re body works with you to help you from storing fat everywhere on your body, especially your butt, thighs, and arms.
  • Beauty Body Bootcamps fuses Strength Training with Cardio, so you get the tried and true method of melting fat, and building the sexy with weights.You’ll not only torch off fat, but lean up faster than fruit can ripe in your fridge!
  • This outdoor bootcamp fuses the best of both worlds, when we either want to tough it out and get down and dirty or ease it up too help your joints recover day in and day out.
  • The instructors at Beauty Body Bootcamps are some of the most knowledgeable trainers you will ever meet who are trained nearly weekly by some of the best and brightest in the United States in physical transformation. You can have those trainers at the commercial gyms who signed up for a weekend online certification or you can get the best of the best and get the trainers that make changing bodies the pursuit of their life.
  • Unlike other boot camps that try to kill you, we save you from the toils that your body goes through. Killing you works against your body and creates a cascade of events that triggers all your body to go into breakdown mode. We want to build up muscle, and lose fat, and this super secret method is sure to get you there, or get one month free!

Try the Unstoppable, Fat-Burning Weight Loss System Absolutely Free for 1 Week and If You Sign-Up You Get All This (Make Sure You Read EVERYTHING):

What You’ll Be Getting:

  • 1-on-1 10 minute Assessment every other Week to make sure that we have you on the right track and are constantly evaluating your progress
  • Other people will have to pay for the public group workshops. Guess what? You don’t. They come absolutely free and last for 2 hours each focused on retraining good movement patterns, so you get your fat bus moving again!
  • Special Guestlist for all your friends and family to be the first ones to try out the camp when we close our doors.
  • 25% discount on Semi-Private Training, where each client normally pays $85 per hour!
  • You might think that for this exclusive camp I’m charging $5000, even $4000, maybe even $2500; but you’re way off mark! For this members only camp, I’m charging ONLY $1 for your first week and you get all the extra bonuses I listed above. Plus, if you like the workouts, you automatically upgrade to premium membership for only $167/month.
  • Remember you aren’t just paying for a bootcamp where I only see you 3x a week, and leave you on your own – I make sure that you get everything you need to be successful and lose all the fat you can think of. Phone and E-mail Support are included.

Space is very limited and we are filling up Fast! When we are full we’re closing our doors. So don’t wait and get left behind!

P.S. Don’t let the following 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Look the way you want to be and feel the way you want to feel by doing something about it TODAY because I know YOU CAN DO THIS. I have no doubt in my mind that the Beauty Body Bootcamp Fitness Success Formula will easily work for you. All you have to do is let me prove it over the next two months. Remember the trial week is only $1, after that you automatically upgrade to a premium member and enjoy all the benefits and rewards ALL the time.
By 60 days you’ll probably forget about the clothes you used to never fit in and enjoy this community of “Biggest Winners” so much, that you’ll realize that this is not just a workout class. It’s an exclusive membership for those who truly want to look better and be happy with themselves in the mirror, and have a boost in their self-confidence too. Do you want to be a part of that?
P.P.S. Did I mention that not only will you get your money back if you are ever unhappy, but you’ll also be given one month free!
Why would I do that?
Because I believe so much in this Fitness Success Formula that I know that once you get a taste of what I offer you in the 1st week, you won’t regret it and reap the rewards right from the get go! So sign up below and get started in on your next class now! Act NOW, Remember whose taking all the risk?

P.P.P.S. If my Beauty Body Bootcamps can get you toned, sleek, stream-lined, sexy in the mirror that lasts from years on end, give you more energy to run the errands and carry on with life, take away all those aches and pains that you’ve had to toil with because of failed exercise programs, and make you feel better about the clothes you’re wearing (and the one’s you aren’t)

 …and you can try it out for only $1, wouldn’t that be worth all the old clothes you could literally throw away! Would you do it?

Or do you want to keep looking yourself in the mirror WISHING you looked better?

Click The Sign-Up Button, Try the 1st week for only $1 and Reap some of the Benefits!
Sit Back, Stay at Home and Dream of the Body You Could Have had.
Act NOW, Remember whose taking all the risk?
P.P.P.P.S. An Interesting Point: 60 Days from now people will be wondering what you did to become thinner, sleeker, sexier, and get all the energy to run the errands and finish your work twice as fast. Not only will your co-workers be talking, but so will your family and friends because of all the weight you seem to have melted off! You can either do two things, Become one of the select group of individuals willing to see the results they have always wanted 10-35lbs in the process; or dream away and wonder why you can’t get thinner.
Class Location?
3795 Saintsbury Dr. Sacramento, CA 95834 (This is the nearest address)

When Do You Have Class?

Morning Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:45am

Night Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30pm

Any Questions?

Please e-mail us at OR call us at (916) 546-8729

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